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Why We Are Different and Why You Need To Use Us

When you're looking for a partner to help you negotiate the complexities of selling a home, you've come to the right place. The experience, dedication and strong communication you'll receive here will help ensure the successful and profitable sale of your home!

1.  Communication – We hear it all the time from frustrated people that come to us from another Realtor.  They didn’t get regular communication and/or the details that they wanted.  Tim and David have seen this enough times to ensure that it never happens to their clients.  You will be kept informed on a very regular basis (even daily, if you want) as to what is going on with the sale of your property.

2. Internet Advertising - Since the lion's share of home buyers starts their search on the internet, top placement on search engines is essential. You'll gain access to placement on Google, Bing, Trulia, Zillow and other websites. This will maximize your exposure and bring a large number of potential buyers to view information about your home.

3. Additional Steps Than the Rest - If you are selling a home, we help to reduce the stress you may feel by ensuring that we don’t do what 99% of other Realtors do.  They try to sell your house by using the 3 P’s Method: Put it in the MLS, Put a Sign in the Yard and Pray that it sells.  In the current Real Estate environment, this age-old practice just doesn’t do the job.

We take the 3 P’s another step further.  We have a vast network of Realtors with whom we network on a regular basis.  Being a part of Keller Williams also allows us to market your home to hundreds of local Realtors before they search the MLS for their clients.  This puts your home in front of a lot of people.  We’ve had great success with this strategy and, when combined with a few other special things we do, our clients end up very pleased not only with the speed in which their home sold but also the price they were paid for it.

4. Email Campaigns - It's important to "work the network." Together, Tim and David have over 5,000 customers in their database.  Some of these people are investors looking to buy homes to rent.  They work together to identify the right people to target your home to.  Tim and David will build a strong online presence and drive these people there to build excitement, interest and word-of-mouth referrals.

5. Personal Touch and CEO Experience - Of course, technology alone won't sell your home. You need another specialty that Tim and Dave bring to the table.  Each of them were CEOs of large companies for several years.  Tim owned a Heating and Air company that serviced all of central Indiana.  The company was in operation for over 75 years before he sold it to another local company.  David started an alarm company, grew it to four states and eventually sold it as well.

What both David and Tim bring to the table that few other Realtors can is the experience of being a CEO.  They know what it takes to create a solid marketing plan and how vital that plan is when it comes to selling any product whether it be a furnace, alarm system or your house! 

You will benefit from David and Tim’s experience by enjoying a professional, well-planned and executed marketing plan for your home that is distributed in many different ways to a variety of interested parties.  Only by this cross-marketing can your home be sold quickly and for the highest price possible. 

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